This website has grown so much that it has now become three websites. These are

The Battle of Berlin and Black Thursday (16th/17th December 1943) website,
found at: www.firebynight.co.uk

the 97 Squadron at Bourn website,
found at: www.97squadron.co.uk
this centres mainly on the Pathfinder year when the squadron was at Bourn, but also includes other aspects of the squadron's history

the Pathfinders website,
found at: www.ww2-pathfinders.co.uk
this is dedicated to the PFF, and includes information on Bennett, the PFF staff & HQ, and other such matters.

There are many links that automatically reference one of the other sites when necessary, so there should be no difficulty in moving from one site to another.

Call for More Info - and Thanks!
These sites would not have developed so far without the continued help, support and encouragement of people who still care strongly about the wartime RAF. The sites rely on you for further pictures and information on the Pathfinders, and on 97 Squadron's aircrew and ground crew. Anything however small is of interest, so please email me at either of the two addresses at the top of this page.

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 ... the pillar of fire by night, to shew them the light, and the way wherein they should go.
Nehemiah 9:19

Above: Joe Mack
(Jennie Gray's father)
Taken in 1944, the year after he almost died in an aircrash
near Bourn,
see K-King page

Jennie Gray with Leon Mathews
Leon is the son of Sidney Mathews who helped save Joe Mack in the aircrash.
The Pathfinders, 97 Squadron, & Black Thursday